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Day 4 - 5-6-2007 New York

Dont trust family (they dont know where they're sending you)?

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Having an extra couple of days allowed me to go in search of the vid camera i was looking for. So armed with "well informed" address' from little Sis, i embarked on the subway and headed for chinatown / little italy / jewish quarter area. However the first stop was to a pickle shop we had seen on the Travel program, which they raved about. The location turned out to be a cross between a 2nd hand shop and pawn shop, anyway it wasnt there. Fortunatley I accidently found it a block down on the way to the chinatown booking stn ( the pickles are damm hot).

I stopped for lunch at Lombardinis pizza restaurant, which is well known and plays non stop Sinatra all day. i wasn't going to second guess the music with the owner, besides you need some Sinatra every so often iand i decided today was it and since this place is the kinda place his friends would visit.i didnt want to sleep with the fishes!! but anyway, the pizza was excellent so no probs there.

So back on the trail for the camcorder . I was directed to a place on 2nd Ave where they supposably had 5. The shop was an entrance leading to a house up stairs. i decided against going up. and the graffiti told me noy to as well. I heard a voice shout " Hey you Mupper Pucker" least i think thats what he said. Either way i decided time to leave and headed for the nearest tube.

My sister is looking for a 4 bedroom House mmmmmm.

Later that night, against my better judgment i went to eat and the Hard Rock Cafe (it was local and still raining). The food was supprisingly good, the service was dire, (15 minutes before i got served at the table), but it gave me the chance to check out all the memorabilia. Even my nephew David would have been impressed They had rock guitars from legends
DSCF0508.jpg. Sorry Pete no Nolans stuff that i could find.

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Day 3 - 4-6-2007 New York

Went to Bloomingdales, China's now cancelled!!

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Today was a shopping day, so headed to 5th ave. Only went to 2 stores, Abbercromie and Fitch and Bloomindales - That's enough (in the style of Brian Glover)(women wont get that) . Bought a hoodie for little sis, (now she can mug people whilst looking stylish). Got away with just buying a tee shirt for myself. Followed the touristy thing M. Monroes 7 yesr itch steam grate, Harry met sally cafe, Serendipidy shop, which lead me to Bloomingdales.

Had i mentioned it had been raining constantly for 24 hrs by then. (I also realised that the waterproof coat i had wasn't). So using the phylosophy that it is a lot more expensive in the Uk, i came away with a North face jacket and fleece (thinking useful for NZ), 3 pairs of shorts (thinking useful for OZ) and a free facial because i had spent that much!! ( aparently i'm a typical english man who doesn't moisturise) theres a relief.
The good news is i found a bar that's showing the England game. i've also added 2 extra days in NYC. but to make sure its no longerive booked the chinatown train ($15 bargain) and leave friday 9am (2PM UK). haven't found accomodation yet but hey whatever.

And Hollyoakes is on TV here every night on BBC America. I feel at home.

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Day 2 - 3-6-2007 New York

Central Perk

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Headed up north to central park, about 30 min walk. (Manhatton is much larger than i realised)

Headed to strawberry field first, the place is a designated silent area (no music, dog, performers and mimes). the place is surreal. You can help but feel but strangley overwelmed by the place. I wasn't particularly a John Lennon Fan (had none of his records). But you cant help feel some kind of connectrion with what he stood for. People from all over the world. Chinese, Russian, and Aussies ( they get everywhere) and although i couldn't understand a word they were saying (inc the Aussies) they all knew wh John Lennon was

Walking around Central Park exercised any conceptions i had about the park AKA Deathwish. The Park was amazing. A cross between Hyde Park, Covent Garden, and Grant Thorold Park, Grimsby ( that is when i was a lad -not now. now, is like the scene in deathwish!!). I spent the best part of the day there. There was a Concert on to celebrate Japaneese day, which people were cueing about 200 mtr. I wonder if Japan return the favour on the 4th of July?
The park is a place for kids as well as adults. People had wedding photos taken there. There are sculptures every where you walk. Suffice to say i loved the place.

Down the road from the park is 5th Ave (dont take youre wives or gir friends here, youre wallet wont get out alive. Not that its too expensive. With the $2 to the Pound thing going youll end up spending loads.

Found a Amazing Sports Bar ESPN which is massive, has 4 floors, tv's everywhere and my be showing the game on wednesday. So may be staying in NY a bit longer.

this evening it starting to rain. I was about this time i realised my coat wasn't very weatherproof (like not at all). Another thing on the shopping list. And It's still raining (something about a hurricane coming up from the tropics). Hopfully tomorrow will be better going on a hop on hop off tour

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Day 1 - 2-6-07 New York

I see dead people

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The strange thing travelling to Manhaton to the enormous amount of graveyards, stretching for miles on route to the centre, stopping right up to road. I hope the road wasn't built on any graves (aka polterguist) This also might explain the way the mini bus driver was driving down the interstate. Im sure he must have been possessed by the way he was swerving between lanes.

The hotel is good and ideally located (30 seconds from times square). Arrived at the hotel about 2 PM and decided to go walkabout.

The first thing i came across "bloody Pan Pipers" im sure they follow me everywhere, Lisbon, Prague, Austraila, theyre every where i go. Thankfully i havent seen any mimes yet ( i hate mime artists!). the food is great here. Went to a mexican which was amazing. It was around this time that i realised i had been walking for three hours, was three hours away from the hotel (12 midnight uk time) and was starting to get tired. (id been up for 20hrs by then). To keep myself awake walking back and because its' so damm hot here, i had to keep going to bars on the way back. So dehydraited and pissed i slept well

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Round the World

4 days to go

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This is my first blog entry of many I hope. Having never done a blog, or actually know what one is. I thought I’d better get with it. Unfortunatly as technical as i like to think i am, I had to get the help form my 15 year old nephew to figure out what to do. I think thats a sign that I’m getting old! Anyway this is my first attempt. The map shown above is the route I’ll be roughly taking.

The good thing about the trip is I can be totally flexible and can change when and where I want to be, (that is as flexible as my cash will let me). Knowing my money sense I figure by china ill be on the streets in my sleeping bag.

Problems arisen so far

Applied for visa to china - then was told, (after I had sent the money and postage off) that I could not apply for a visa until 6 weeks before I travel there. Many thanks to travelmood for not picking that one up. Fortunately I understand there is a Chinese consulate in Adelaide, Australia where i can apply.

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